"Keeps Sprinklers Visible, Rotors and Spray Heads"
US Patent 7,946,507


 Sprinkler Donuts / Sprinkler Guards

Protect Your Lawn Sprinkler Heads, Keep them Visible

Use on Underground Sprinklers: Pop up Lawn Sprinkler Heads

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Made in USA

Has a 7" Outer Diameter, made from a Durable Flexible material.



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"You Cut to the Perfect Fit Every Time"

Works like a sprinkler head sod cutter. Without having to do the work over and over. Sprinkler Buddy prevents grass from taking root around the sprinkler head 24/7

Sprinkler Buddy is long lasting, in all weather conditions. It requires less maintenance long term than the competition.

Doesn't crack, sink, or chip like concrete sprinkler donuts.

Doesn't get dislodged or float away like similar plastic sprinkler donuts.


Can be trimmed to fit along sidewalks, trees, etc...


"Not Sold in Stores" 

How to Install the Sprinkler Buddy in 4 Easy Steps:

1. MEASURE the shaft width of the sprinkler head to be installed using a ruler or measuring tape.

2. CUT all six vertical lines on the Sprinkler Buddy, with scissors, to the pre-measured width that was determined in step one.

3. INSERT the sprinkler head shaft through the hole on the inside of the Sprinkler Buddy. This will open the retaining tabs you created in step 2. The Sprinkler Buddy should be pulled up to the collar of your sprinkler head.

4. INSTALL the sprinkler head, with the Sprinkler Buddy attached, back to your sprinkler system.


 Sprinkler Buddy is designed for both hot and cold climates

  How to Install:

Photos below show the written steps above.

As the lawn care professional and inventor of Sprinkler Buddy, Thank You for your business!

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