"Keeps Sprinklers Visible, Rotors and Spray Heads"
US Patent 7,946,507

Sprinkler Buddy (7 Pack) Made in USA Veteran Owned
Sprinkler Buddy (7 Pack)  Made in USA Veteran Owned
Price: $40.00


Sprinkler Buddy custom fits to both sprinkler Rotors and Spray Heads. Click on "Home" to view all buying options.

  • Doesn't sink or crack like other sprinkler donuts, sprinkler guards.
  • Sprinkler Buddy has a 7" outer diameter, the user decides the center hole diameter when installing for a true custom fit.
  • Keeps sprinkler heads visible so one can avoid running them over with mower tires. Prevents grass from taking root around the sprinkler head.
  • Designed to be straddled over with mower tires when mowing, if the sprinkler head and Sprinkler Buddy have both been installed properly.
  • For Underground Sprinkler Systems with popup sprinkler heads.

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