"Keeps Sprinklers Visible, Rotors and Spray Heads"
US Patent 7,946,507



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 Sprinkler Buddy - For lawn sprinkler heads, both Rotors and Spray Head Sprinklers.

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America's Favorite Sprinkler Head Sprinkler Donuts

"Remove Sprinkler Head to Install"

Doesn't sink like concrete sprinkler donuts after installing.

Made in USA

Custom Fitting!

"Sprinkler Donuts"  "Sprinkler Guards"

"Not Sold in Stores"

Sprinkler Buddy holds up in all weather conditions.

Texas, California, Michigan, New York, etc... weather conditions.

Sprinkler Buddy, protects sprinkler heads by keeping them visible.

We don't make sprinkler heads, we make the sprinkler heads you buy last longer! 

Looking for a quality sprinkler head trimmer, check out the Kenyon brand on Amazon! 

Compare to the concrete sprinkler donuts found @ Lowe's, Home Depot, or Online.

Sprinkler Buddy doesn't sink like concrete sprinkler donuts or get dislodged and float away like other plastic guard donuts after being installed. Sprinkler Buddy stays put and requires the least amount of maintenance long term.

Sprinkler Buddy saves TIME, MONEY, and WATER. I'm the lawn care professional that invented Sprinkler Buddy. Please share my invention on Facebook with family & friends from AMAZON by hitting the FB icon on my AMAZON listing. Sprinkler Buddy is a Veteran owned business, Semper Fi!

Thank you for your support!

A sprinkler head wrench or sprinkler head removal tool can make removing the sprinkler heads easier for some. Cut off risers may be needed when reinstalling the sprinkler head if they have lowered too deep in the ground over time.

Sprinkler Buddy is Safe!

If accidentally struck by a mower blade, it will not damage the mower blade or become a harmful projectile like the products made of a hard plastic or a concrete material sometimes do. They all look great when first installed. Give them a growing season, that's where Sprinkler Buddy shines above the rest. Sprinkler Buddy requires the least amount of maintenance to keep them looking great.

Sprinkler Buddy is designed for both hot and cold climates.

I'm the lawn care professional that invented Sprinkler Buddy.

Try a pack Today! You'll be glad you did.

Common Lawn Sprinkler Problems

   Sprinklers watering the driveway, street, or house.

Sprinkler heads leaning from the mower traffic, etc... running them over.

Lawn Mowers
It used to be impossible to know exactly where the sprinkler heads were in the lawn, without having to do a lot of maintenance on them.
Not anymore!
With Sprinkler Buddy, one can keep the sprinkler heads visible long term.

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