"Keeps Sprinklers Visible, Rotors and Spray Heads"
US Patent 7,946,507


  [7-Pack]Sprinkler Buddy

"Sprinkler Guards"
Made in USA

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Lawn Sprinkler Guard Donuts / Indicator

Made for Pop-up Sprinklers

Hunter, Rain Bird, Orbit etc...

- Sprinkler Head Rotors & Spray Heads -

Made with A 10 Year UV Protection

Works Great in Both

Hot & Freezing Climates! 

Sprinkler Buddy doesn't float away like the hard plastic sprinkler donuts or sink into the ground like the heavy concrete sprinkler donuts, due to its patented insert design and light weight flexible material.

Common Lawn Sprinkler Problems
 Sprinklers watering driveways, walls, or the street
 Dead areas of grass in the lawn
Malfunctioning sprinklers
 Leaning, broken, or damaged sprinkler heads
sprinkler heads repairs  Adjusting Sprinkler Heads Leaning sprinkler heads
The Most Common Cause
Lawn Mowers
 Specifically the lawn mower tires running the sprinkler heads over and over each time the lawn is cared for. Knocking the sprinkler heads from their preset position little by little.  It's impossible to know exactly where the sprinkler heads are to avoid them with the mower tires when they can't be seen.

Now they can be seen when approached upon!
With Sprinkler Buddy
- NOT Intended for these Types of Sprinklers -  
                                                        Canister type or side post mount.             

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