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Landscaping with Mulch

A well-planned sprinkler system is a key element to a beautiful lawn, and with Sprinkler Buddies in place, a low maintenance solution. Once you’ve taken care of beautifying your lawn with weed control and water management, you may turn your attention to your borders: flower beds, trees, and shrubbery. Enhancing these areas with a ground covering of mulch or decorative stone goes a long way for the curb-appeal of your property.

The Most Common Vegetable Garden Pests and How to Control Them

Garden PestNobody likes garden pests. Even if you’re trying to have an all natural yard and garden, the wrong pests can run your beautiful plants to the ground. Here are a few steps for prevention of pests and disease.

SMART Controllers Part one.

This is a guest post from Hester Mazzola, Texas tough and proudly American. Thanks for contributing Hester!

SMART controllers are loosely defined as any controller that can make changes to its programming based on information from outside sources, such as weather stations or paid weather services. This does not include simple rain or freeze sensors.
The idea behind SMART controllers is simple. (more…)

5 Things To Keep In Mind While Watering Your Yard

This is a guest post from Nancy here to give us some tips on lawn watering. Thanks for contributing Nancy!

SprinklerEveryone wants to own a lovely garden, but very few know how difficult it is to maintain it. One of the most important things to maintain the green garden is correct watering. Though it may seem to be the simplest task, very few actually know the correct method and amount of water required by your garden. Lack of water can result in drying of grass while excess can cause rotting of roots. In fact excess water will waste the very precious water and will damage the lawn.

Landscaping Features for Easy Lawn Maintenance

Low Maintenance landscapingMost homeowners plan their landscapes with beauty in mind, leaving lawn care and maintenance as an afterthought – until it’s time to start weeding and watering. As family schedules become increasingly hectic, it’s getting harder to find the time to cultivate a lush, green lawn. The solution: Develop your landscape with the goal of making lawn care as easy on yourself as possible.

DIY: Installing a Roof Rain Water Collection for Your Landscape

This is a guest post by Amber Strauff who is here to teach us how to make a rainwater collector. If you have had any experience with collecting rainwater for your own yard or garden, please share in the comments. Thank you.

Rainwater CollectorProfessional landscaping is crucial when you become a homeowner. In fact, the American Society of Landscape Architects suggests that proprietors invest 10% of their home’s values in landscaping. However, there are many different landscaping options that can save you money without sacrificing the quality of your landscaping efforts. A great amount of information is available for everyone on ways to save money and energy and water resources that could be easily adapted to the maintenance of your home’s yard. Solar lights, efficient timed sprinklers for watering your plants and reel lawn mowers are all great examples on how homeowners are beginning to change their landscaping maintenance methods to make the world a greener place.