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New Jersey Landscapers Now Can Change Your Lawn

viewGuest Post by: Sean Kim


Landscaping is of the finest art that one can make in New Jersey Be it a designer or the one who implements. This provides satisfaction to both the people. Landscaping gives a new rise to the amazing structure of the house and makes it breathe taking. People who are involved in making their lives colorful and beautiful can go with the landscaping part. Maintaining a landscape is pretty difficult. One needs proper peace of mind and concentration to do the landscaping over the garden. There are two places where the landscaping can be done, one is the front yard and other is the backyard. Front yard is mostly designed for beauty purposes while the backyard is mostly designed for any constructive production of vegetables and all. (more…)

How to Maintain your Automatic Sprinkler System

Guest Post by:  Rachael Jones

Many homeowners use permanent, automatic sprinkler systems to irrigate their lawns, flower beds, and miscellaneous plants. While these systems are installed to provide the homeowner minimal maintenance, it is pertinent to conduct routine maintenance and repairs to fix any damages and component failure that may have taken place.
Do not wait until you notice a problem to maintain your sprinkler system. Prompt maintenance of your system prevents loss and damage to your property, and catches any issues before your automatic sprinkler system begins wasting water. Identifying the exact problem can prevent additional issues for homeowners. Some issues are easily fixable; however, they must be properly identified.
The basic issues that are commonly discovered when checking automatic sprinkler systems include:
• Pipe leaks and breaks
• Obstructed / clogged sprinklers
• Leaking sprinklers (more…)