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Benefits of Animals in the Garden

animals in the garden
For many gardeners, wild animals getting into the garden is one of the most detrimental things that could possibly happen. However, some gardening experts understand that animal control in gardening can be much more beneficial than animal elimination.

Purchasing your Landscaping Equipment

purchasing landscaping equipmentLandscaping is a form of changing the physical appearances of an area in order to improve the visual beauty of the area or in order to increase the value of the area. Landscaping is usually concerned with the flora of an area but there are other elements of landscaping that have nothing to do with the plant life in the area such as stone walls, walkways or water features.

A Couple of Tips for Landscaping

tips for landscapingDesigning and envisioning what the outside of your house will look like is one of the most enjoyable, but challenging, aspects of building a home. What is more difficult is designing the landscape, as what you can do relies heavily on so many different factors such as budget, location, and the house or lot itself.

Best Sprinkler Head and Irrigation Product Reviews and More, I Have Found on the Web

As the Sprinkler Buddy Blog owner, I’m sharing this link because it’s that good of a resource for the many related irrigation questions or concerns one may have. Enjoy!

“You’ve just found the web’s mother lode of free irrigation information! Best of all, it’s all FREE! This website is not affiliated with any irrigation, sprinkler, or drip equipment manufacturer, supplier, or installer; so the tutorials are independent and not biased toward selling a particular service, product or brand. I hope you find the information here useful.”

Jess Stryker
Landscape Architect (Lic. AZ-32410, CA-2743, NV-443)

Keeping the Weeds Out

Weeds #5

One of the most frustrating things about gardening is no matter how much a gardener wants to make the garden perfect there will always be those pesky weeds that like to crash the party and make gardening difficult. Weeds can be intrusive and can prevent other plants from growing normally.

Money-saving tips for gardeners

Guest Post by: Dan Whiteside
Thank you for your contribution Dan

According to research by HSBC, the average gardener in the UK spends £297 maintaining their outside space. They spend £73 on plants, £71 on landscaping, £70 on general maintenance and £82 on new garden furniture – but gardening doesn’t need to be this expensive.
Here are five money-saving tips:

Sow you own seeds

If you spend a fortune on flowers and plants, why not sow your own seeds? Simply choose what you want to grow and buy a packet of seeds from you nearest gardening centre. You’ll get more for your money and will be able to watch your flower bed or vegetable patch flourish and grow. If you have been gardening for a while, you could even keep back several seeds from a previous crop and plant these instead. (more…)