Keeping the Weeds Out

Weeds #5

One of the most frustrating things about gardening is no matter how much a gardener wants to make the garden perfect there will always be those pesky weeds that like to crash the party and make gardening difficult. Weeds can be intrusive and can prevent other plants from growing normally.

As wonderful as it would be to simply have a one-time end all be all method to eliminating weeds for time and all eternity from the garden, it is simply not possible. Keeping weeds out is a process and it has to be done on a regular basis.

On top of that, there are a lot of times that new plants already have weed seeds in them. For the most part, the longer they have been sitting in the pot at the nursery, the more likely they are to have weed seeds in the soil.

That being said, the best way to eliminate weeds from a garden is to simply prevent them from entering. Therefore it is important it is important to inspect all new plants for hitchhiking weeds. Of course, it is impossible to prevent every single weed from entering the garden.

Keeping in mind that there are most likely weed seeds in the garden, realize that when cultivating a garden, many of those seeds will be brought back up to surface where they can germinate. Therefore it is important to make sure not to cultivate the soil very often.


The same goes with tilling the garden and the soil. A long time ago tilling was recommended by many a gardener for the benefit of the garden, but that as well, tilling can turn up buried weed seeds.


The very best option for cultivating the soil is to apply organic mulch and then let the earth worms cultivate the soil naturally. Mulch is great not only for keeping moisture locked into the soil, it can also smoother out weed seeds and prevent them from growing.


Again, despite how much effort is put into preventing and removing weeds, it is simply a fact of life that weeds will sprout and grow. Regular maintenance and proper prevention can keep a garden looking green and fresh. That on top of watering with sprinklers or hoses.

Life is a lot like that, there are always going to be challenges and weaknesses, but with the proper care and maintenance, weeds can be placed with beautiful flowers. However, it is a daily process and it takes a lot of effort and diligence.

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