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Sprinkler Donuts

“Sprinkler Donut” – Let the truth be told!

Hello, I’m the Florida lawn care professional that invented Sprinkler Buddy. I have replaced many broken sprinkler heads over the years, caused from the weight of my heavy zero turn mowers. I couldn’t see the sprinkler heads until the damage was already done. Many of the busted lawn sprinkler heads had the concrete donuts on them but they had sunk into the ground and the grass had completely covered them over, rendering them useless.

My invention Sprinkler Buddy doesn’t sink like the concrete donuts do after being installed, nor does it float away like the plastic sprinkler donut made by Orbit. Sprinkler Buddy keeps the sprinkler heads visible, therefore allowing the lawn mower operator to avoid them with the mower tiers.

The concrete sprinkler donuts are rather fragile despite their online description of being strong and durable. If you buy them, do not drop them on a hard surface, you’ll be picking up pieces. The concrete sprinkler donut and plastic sprinkler donut by Orbit also don’t do well in cold climates. They will easily break once frozen if ran over, sometimes even without being run over!

Sprinkler Buddy usually does cost a little more but as the saying goes!

“You Get What You Pay For”

If your looking for a quality product that will do what it suppose too long term, give Sprinkler Buddy a try. You’ll be glad you did! Learn more about Sprinkler Buddy, Made in USA, @

Sprinkler Buddy 

                     Retails in a “Pack of Seven”

Sprinkler  Donuts

Concrete Sprinkler Donuts

Sprinkler donuts have been around for many years, typically better known in the state of Florida. Ever since  riding lawn mowers came into the picture, their has been a need to help protect our pop-up sprinkler heads.Concrete Donuts

Years past, concrete donuts were the only choice one had to help protect their sprinkler heads, then Orbit came out with their plastic sprinkler donut version of the concrete sprinkler donuts.

Both products have their advantages and disadvantages. (more…)

“Sprinklers” Pop-up Sprinkler Heads

Rotor and spray head sprinklers are often  referred to as pop up sprinklers. They both come in a variety of sizes from many different manufactures.  Some manufactures even make  commercial grades which are often installed by an irrigation professional, usually when a new lawn sprinkler system is being first installed.pop up sprinklers

Between many, the debate of how much better the commercial grade sprinklers are over their equivalent home owner models will always remain in a deep debate. (more…)

Introducing the Sprinkler Buddy Blog!

Ryro, Inc is excited to launch the new Sprinkler Buddy Blog. The purpose of this blog will be to provide you, the reader, with quality information about all-things landscaping and gardening.

What You Can Expect from this Blog

  • 100% Original Content – We never scrape or reproduce any content that has already been written on or off the web. The ideas and opinions expressed on this blog are solely those of the author. Through originality we hope to bring new and unique perspectives and experiences to the online garden and landscaping community.
  • Honesty – On the Sprinkler Buddy Blog we believe in telling it like it is. Our posts are not designed to be promotional or bias, but rather transparent and informative.
  • Regular Updates – Expect at least one new post every week!

What We Expect

This is an exciting time to be online. With so many blogs and Twitter profiles, it’s easy to connect with those that share common interests. With the Sprinkler Buddy Blog, we hope to spark conversation and discussion on topics related to this field. New and fun ways of doing outdoor projects are thought up everyday and shared on places like Pinterest and Facebook. It is our goal to add to the conversation and build relationships along the way.

We hope to see you around the blog in the future! Feel free to leave a comment and offer any feedback that you would like on any and all our posts.

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