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Ideas for Garden Improvement Projects

Whilst most view the creation of a garden as a slow process, taking years of careful nurture, sometimes it can be satisfying to see some immediate results! There are many things a gardener can do to improve their garden over the course of a week long DIY holiday – these “staycations” are becoming increasingly popular with families keen to save money. Indeed, there are lots of exciting projects won’t even take that long. Here are some ideas for what you could get up to:

Options for Weed Control

There are safe and effective ways to weed your lawn and garden. You don’t even have to buy that nasty toxic chemical weed killer.

There are approximately three different ways to get rid of a plant. You can pluck it out or dig it out using your hands or a shovel, you could use poisons to kill the plant, or you can take a more preemptive approach and use a pre-emergent.

Each different approach to weeding has its own pros and cons, so it is hard to say which is best and most effective. Many times it is going to depend specifically on the type of plant you are trying to get rid of.

Introducing the Sprinkler Buddy Blog!

Ryro, Inc is excited to launch the new Sprinkler Buddy Blog. The purpose of this blog will be to provide you, the reader, with quality information about all-things landscaping and gardening.

What You Can Expect from this Blog

  • 100% Original Content – We never scrape or reproduce any content that has already been written on or off the web. The ideas and opinions expressed on this blog are solely those of the author. Through originality we hope to bring new and unique perspectives and experiences to the online garden and landscaping community.
  • Honesty – On the Sprinkler Buddy Blog we believe in telling it like it is. Our posts are not designed to be promotional or bias, but rather transparent and informative.
  • Regular Updates – Expect at least one new post every week!

What We Expect

This is an exciting time to be online. With so many blogs and Twitter profiles, it’s easy to connect with those that share common interests. With the Sprinkler Buddy Blog, we hope to spark conversation and discussion on topics related to this field. New and fun ways of doing outdoor projects are thought up everyday and shared on places like Pinterest and Facebook. It is our goal to add to the conversation and build relationships along the way.

We hope to see you around the blog in the future! Feel free to leave a comment and offer any feedback that you would like on any and all our posts.

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