Ideas for Garden Improvement Projects

Whilst most view the creation of a garden as a slow process, taking years of careful nurture, sometimes it can be satisfying to see some immediate results! There are many things a gardener can do to improve their garden over the course of a week long DIY holiday – these “staycations” are becoming increasingly popular with families keen to save money. Indeed, there are lots of exciting projects won’t even take that long. Here are some ideas for what you could get up to:

Build A Raised Bed or Two

Raised Garden Beds
Raised beds are ideal for gardens where the soil is poor or has poor drainage. The frame of a raised bed can be made of pressure treated timber or stones or it can have no frame at all. With a raised bed the gardener can have complete control over what type of soil goes into the bed. It’s also easier to harvest plants and since raised beds tend to be warmer the growing season can start earlier and end later.

Build a Garden Path

Garden and path
A garden path can be straight or it can be curving or meandering. Whatever type of path it is it should be harmonious with the overall look of the garden. The gardener can lay out the trail with builder’s sand or a garden house. They should make sure that the path is wide enough for two people to walk abreast, or for a wheelbarrow, or for plants to spill comfortably over the edges. Several materials can be used for garden paths, including bricks, bark chips, gravel or cobbles combined with bricks or slabs. Bricks, though expensive, are probably the best, because of their durability. Just think of the advantages – you’ll be able to walk outside without getting muddy shoes!

Add a Garden Shed

Garden Shed
A shed that’s in or near the garden will spare the gardener from having to run back and forth from the garage or wherever they now keep their gardening supplies. The shed should have at least one light source so the gardener can see what they’re doing. Ideally, they should also have water and a slop sink. It should also have a place that can be locked so the gardener can store dangerous tools or chemicals and have adequate ventilation. If the shed can be easily seen from the outside, it should be aesthetically pleasing. A coat of paint in a pretty color or a gingerbread roof can do it. Some people take the idea of a shed one step further, turning it into a fully function office, with large windows to provide fantastic views of the garden – in the UK, many people attracted by cheap diy conservatory prices will install one themselves, although they are not as popular in the US.

Make a Trellis For Climbing Plants

Clematis, roses, ivy, wisteria, honeysuckle, jessamine and morning glory are extremely beautiful as they flower up the sides of a home or other building. The gardener can help them along by building a trellis. Trellis panels can be bought in garden stores and will need to be very sturdy, especially if they’re going to support a heavy and rather aggressive plant like a wisteria. The trellis is screwed to a batten that’s affixed to the wall of the structure. The climbers are planted at the base. When they’re ready, the gardener can interlace their stems through the trellis, tying them if necessary. They can use vine eyes and wires if the plant extends above the top of the trellis. Particularly keen DIY enthusiasts can even build a trellis to save a few dollars – just invest in some wood and nails to create your own design.

Install Water Features

Garden Pond Set-Up
This is easier than it would seem. Little ponds can be made from preformed fiberglass and filled with aquatic plants or fish – hardly a difficult task! After the pond is installed and filled with water, the gardener should wait about 10 days before putting in plants and about a month before putting in fish, to make sure that any toxic chemicals in the water have a chance to escape and for the pond to settle. Whilst it’ll take a month to get fish, a week-long break is just enough time to get the pond itself installed.

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