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Sprinkler Guards and Sprinkler Donuts for Lawn Sprinkler Heads

Lawn sprinkler heads win with the Sprinkler Buddy, therefore… with
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As a lawn care professional, I have tried most of the competition. Those that I haven’t, I know would be a waste of my money due to my many years of experience in the lawn care profession. Some of the sprinkler guards on the market cost less, some more than my invention the “Sprinkler Buddy” but it doesn’t make either a better product. If you should try the competition and it doesn’t reach your expectations in the long run, give Sprinkler Buddy a try. You’ll be glad you did.
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Concrete sprinkler donuts can be found in Florida in just about any hardware store for $1.25-$2.50 each. Most online sellers don’t ship them because they get busted easily during shipping. Despite the claims of being tough and durable, concrete sprinkler donuts are very fragile and don’t hold up in freezing climates too well either. Buyer beware!
Oldcastle Irrigation Systems 3-1/4 in. Sprinkler Head 70555609
$1.28 In stock
Shop for Outdoors at The Home Depot. The durable concrete construction of the Oldcastle 3-1/4 in. Sprinkler Head protects a sprinkler from lawnmowers. Protective donuts encase a sprinkler head and allow easier operation.*Size and weight are approximate