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Lawn Sprinkler Donuts/Guards

Sprinkler GuardsConcrete sprinkler donuts sink, Sprinkler Buddy doesn’t. Sprinkler Buddy also custom fits like no other lawn sprinkler head donut.

These sprinkler donuts were installed around the same time in the same lawn. Roughly four months ago. Same maintenance given to all during their weekly mowing schedule. I sprayed around the heads with round-up so you could see those with the concrete sprinkler donuts installed on them. All the concrete donuts were placed over the sprinkler heads when installed, I didn’t bury them, they’ll sink even faster if you give them a head start. The Sprinkler Buddy is the only one that remained where I had initially installed it.

The difference is clear, the choice is clear.

“Sprinkler Buddy”

Sprinkler Head Sprinkler Donut Sinking Sprinkler Donut Sprinkler Donut Sprinkler Buddy