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Maintaining Your Lawn As You Age: Get Tips for Lawn Care & Maintenance


Guest Post By: Alex Kelly

Tips for Lawn Care and Maintenance As You Get Older

 None of us likes to admit it, but as we get older, it takes more energy to do the things we used to do like heading out for a long run or maintaining the lawn. If you’re starting to feel worn down and sore after a day with your walk-behind lawn mower, it may be time to consider a riding mower so you can spend less time and energy mowing and more time on the things that matter. When you have teenagers at home, you may choose to pass off the responsibility of mowing the lawn to them (around age 16 is recommended to be safe). But by the time you’re an empty-nester and some gray hairs are starting to show, you should be thinking about how you’ll manage your lawn care in the future.   (more…)

Concrete Sprinkler Donuts

Sprinkler donuts have been around for many years, typically better known in the state of Florida. Ever since  riding lawn mowers came into the picture, their has been a need to help protect our pop-up sprinkler heads.Concrete Donuts

Years past, concrete donuts were the only choice one had to help protect their sprinkler heads, then Orbit came out with their plastic sprinkler donut version of the concrete sprinkler donuts.

Both products have their advantages and disadvantages. (more…)