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Sprinkler Donuts

“Sprinkler Donut” – Let the truth be told!

Hello, I’m the Florida lawn care professional that invented Sprinkler Buddy. I have replaced many broken sprinkler heads over the years, caused from the weight of my heavy zero turn mowers. I couldn’t see the sprinkler heads until the damage was already done. Many of the busted lawn sprinkler heads had the concrete donuts on them but they had sunk into the ground and the grass had completely covered them over, rendering them useless.

My invention Sprinkler Buddy doesn’t sink like the concrete donuts do after being installed, nor does it float away like the plastic sprinkler donut made by Orbit. Sprinkler Buddy keeps the sprinkler heads visible, therefore allowing the lawn mower operator to avoid them with the mower tiers.

The concrete sprinkler donuts are rather fragile despite their online description of being strong and durable. If you buy them, do not drop them on a hard surface, you’ll be picking up pieces. The concrete sprinkler donut and plastic sprinkler donut by Orbit also don’t do well in cold climates. They will easily break once frozen if ran over, sometimes even without being run over!

Sprinkler Buddy usually does cost a little more but as the saying goes!

“You Get What You Pay For”

If your looking for a quality product that will do what it suppose too long term, give Sprinkler Buddy a try. You’ll be glad you did! Learn more about Sprinkler Buddy, Made in USA, @

Sprinkler Buddy 

                     Retails in a “Pack of Seven”

Sprinkler  Donuts


 Guest Post by: Dana Jones, AKA Baymule from
Here is a short article about how I started my garden.
About 8 years ago, I decided I wanted a garden. There was a small problem though, thegetcontent backyard was shrouded in shade. Grass barely grew back there. So I announced to my husband that I was going to put a garden in the front yard. He planted his feet like a balky mule and said, “NO WAY!” My husband, BJ, loves having a pretty yard and a scraggly garden just wasn’t going to cut it. I pleaded my case, pointing out that I would only have a small garden-just three beds between the driveway and sidewalk. The soil there was hard as concrete, his beloved grass wouldn’t grow there and it was weedy. Why, a garden would be a huge improvement. I explained how I wanted to use bricks to make walkways and how attractive it would look. He grumbled. (more…)

Lawn & Gardening Forum

Looking for an awesome lawn and gardening forum to discuss or share your knowledge with others that can relate? The link below is just that!

Enjoy: TEG

“Sprinklers” Pop-up Sprinkler Heads

Rotor and spray head sprinklers are often  referred to as pop up sprinklers. They both come in a variety of sizes from many different manufactures.  Some manufactures even make  commercial grades which are often installed by an irrigation professional, usually when a new lawn sprinkler system is being first installed.pop up sprinklers

Between many, the debate of how much better the commercial grade sprinklers are over their equivalent home owner models will always remain in a deep debate. (more…)

How to Maintain a Healthy Lawn During a Drought?

Guest Post by: Tony Carlisle

Drought can kill your grass and leave your lawn brown and bare. A sprinkler system makes it easy to water your grass, but you can drastically reduce water use and protect your turf by taking steps to make your lawn resistant to drought. Fortunately, the changes you need to make are both simple and effective.

Choose the Right Grass
If you live in an area that is prone to drought, then you should start by choosing the right grass. Engineered to survive with less water, species like Buffalo grass and fescues are excellent for surviving extended dry periods. Where other turf species need a full inch of water every week, these species can survive on about half that amount. If the conditions are too extreme, the grass may turn brown as it goes dormant to survive. The grass is not dead, and it will recover its healthy green color with watering. (more…)

The importance of growing a hearty lawn to prevent pest from ruining it

Guest Post by:
“Luis Alberto Simauchi Jr. works for Do My Own Pest Control in Norcross, GA. He is an enthusiast of all things garden & lawn care and take particular interest in pest management methods for landscaping projects.

As it turns out, having a healthy and robust lawn does not invite pest to come visit your lawn but in fact, a healthy lawn is a great deterrent for lawn pest. Much in the same way that maintaining healthy immune system through proper diet and exercise is the best deterrent for illness in the body; a healthy lawn does not leave much space for malicious lawn critters to take a foothold on your prized green grass. The idea here is to use natural methods of pest control and what is at hand to avoid the use of harmful chemicals to try and rid yourself of lawn pests. (more…)

Mulching and Weeding Gardens

Mulching in some ways could be considered the opposite of weeding. Learn the best way to perform them both.

Benefits of Animals in the Garden

animals in the garden
For many gardeners, wild animals getting into the garden is one of the most detrimental things that could possibly happen. However, some gardening experts understand that animal control in gardening can be much more beneficial than animal elimination.

Keeping the Weeds Out

Weeds #5

One of the most frustrating things about gardening is no matter how much a gardener wants to make the garden perfect there will always be those pesky weeds that like to crash the party and make gardening difficult. Weeds can be intrusive and can prevent other plants from growing normally.

The Most Common Vegetable Garden Pests and How to Control Them

Garden PestNobody likes garden pests. Even if you’re trying to have an all natural yard and garden, the wrong pests can run your beautiful plants to the ground. Here are a few steps for prevention of pests and disease.