“Sprinklers” Pop-up Sprinkler Heads

Rotor and spray head sprinklers are often  referred to as pop up sprinklers. They both come in a variety of sizes from many different manufactures.  Some manufactures even make  commercial grades which are often installed by an irrigation professional, usually when a new lawn sprinkler system is being first installed.pop up sprinklers

Between many, the debate of how much better the commercial grade sprinklers are over their equivalent home owner models will always remain in a deep debate.

One thing few will argue is that our  lawn mowers don’t show any favoritism between the two despite their cost differences. Many folks have turned to what is commonly known as “sprinkler donuts” to try and keep their lawn sprinkler heads safe during routine lawn maintenance.

As a lawn care professional by trade, I have experienced the aggravation of accidentally breaking many sprinkler heads over the years.  I couldn’t see the sprinkler heads  to avoid them  with my mower tires. Some even had sprinkler donuts on them which had sunken below ground level rendering them ineffective.

Other problems I had with  products found on the market were:

* They didn’t allow me to get a perfect fit around the sprinkler head and grass would grow between the sprinkler donut and the sprinkler head itself. They worked  great when first put down but grass would quickly over take them in the growing season.

* The sprinkler donuts would also often sink into the ground or if they were made of plastic, they would often float away whenever we had a lot of rain in a short period of time.

After being blessed with the idea of the Sprinkler Buddy, I knew I had to find a way to bring it to market. It solves the problems I and others have had with the products of the past.

“Concrete Donuts”,” Spray Guard”,” Sprinkler Saver”, and “Plastic Sprinkler Donut” are some of the “sprinkler donuts” or “sprinkler guards” one can find online or at their local hardware store depending on where they live. If one should decide to try any of them and aren’t satisfied with the results, give the “Sprinkler Buddy” a try. While all of these products are similar in nature, they all work differently.

Most folks don’t know of these products  and that they have been available on the market now for many years. Many local hardware stores don’t carry them at all because they are located where it snows and or have freezing weather during the winter months. Most of these products don’t hold up so well in those conditions.

The Sprinkler Buddy has also solved that problem, it hold up well in all weather conditions found in the North to the South and East to West.

Research the different products available both on price and effectiveness. Then make the best decision for your hard earned money. I have chosen to educate the public of their options because I believe my invention, the “Sprinkler Buddy,” is the best solution to a common problem, sprinkler head repairs.

Learn More @ http://www.sprinklerbuddy.com




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