Defending Your Backyard Oasis

Guest Post By:  Colin T. Regan

As residential fence builder, I can’t tell you how nice it is working time and time again in someone’s beautifully-manicured yard. Although some are prettier than others, I treat every yard as if it were my own when building.039

One thing that’s always plagued me when I go in to build a fence, is that most of the time I see some of the flowers of plants have been mistreated. This usually has nothing to do with the homeowner themselves, but to do with outside elements effecting their flowerbeds and landscaping.

There are many reasons for this, but they usually fall into categories such as these:

  • A lack of fencing around the perimeter allows neighborhood kids and pets to run through the flowerbeds, killing plants
  • Even a consistent mild wind can eventually bend over taller plants, and take petals off of flowers (some flowers more than others)

It’s really sad to see this, because the homeowner has obviously spent hours upon hours to landscape their backyard, then plant and maintain their plants.

When I start building a fence for the homeowner, especially a vinyl fence in abufftech-fence-Privacy-lexington-lattice color that matches their backyard, I can’t tell you how excited they become: They’re reminiscent of children about to open birthday presents.

This, they tell me is for a few reasons:

  • Firstly, they don’t have to worry about their kids running into other yards or climbing the fence to do so, as most vinyl fencing is climb-proof
  • They don’t have to worry about their neighbor’s pets defecating in their backyard anymore
  • The more popular full-privacy fence options block all neighbors trying to get a look at their gorgeous backyard and can “mind their own business”, they tell me with a laugh

When a fence is completed the look on most homeowners faces are priceless. I still have to take time at the end of building such a great fence to admire it, and the way the homeowner matched the color of to their property. Some of them like it to match the color of the fence to the house, while others like to match the color and style of what blends in with the themes of their backyard.

The important things are:

  • They’ve created a safe backyard for family and friends to enjoycertagrain-chestefield-bufftech
  • They’ve got a quality fence that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime
  • They won’t ever have to worry about neighboring elements again

Having a large backyard myself, I know the pride I take after I mow the lawn, trim our grasses and pull the weeds. Although it’s hard work, I know it won’t be meddled with because of the strong fence around my yard’s perimeter… What a difference it can make!!!


-Colin T. Regan

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