Maintaining Your Lawn As You Age: Get Tips for Lawn Care & Maintenance


Guest Post By: Alex Kelly

Tips for Lawn Care and Maintenance As You Get Older

 None of us likes to admit it, but as we get older, it takes more energy to do the things we used to do like heading out for a long run or maintaining the lawn. If you’re starting to feel worn down and sore after a day with your walk-behind lawn mower, it may be time to consider a riding mower so you can spend less time and energy mowing and more time on the things that matter. When you have teenagers at home, you may choose to pass off the responsibility of mowing the lawn to them (around age 16 is recommended to be safe). But by the time you’re an empty-nester and some gray hairs are starting to show, you should be thinking about how you’ll manage your lawn care in the future.  

 Purchasing a riding lawn mower and attachments

Riding lawn mowers and attachments make lawn care simpler and faster. A riding lawn mower is perfect for a maintaining a medium to large lawn in a short period of time with far less physical exertion than a push mower. It also offers better protection from flying debris and you can purchase riding lawn mower attachments to make mowing and other lawn care easier. Consider bagger attachments to collect clippings for your compost or to re-spread them evenly throughout the yard, and mulching kits to cut up leaves and thick grass into smaller pieces so they will break down and fertilize the yard more easily. You can also find riding lawn mower attachments to turn your machine into a snow blower during the winter months and sun shades to keep you protected on hot days. With a riding lawn mower and its attachments you’ll be able to keep up with lawn care and maintenance safely and easily as you grow older.


Maintaining a riding lawn mower

Getting older doesn’t mean you don’t still like to get your hands dirty. And it’s important to keep your machine updated with new lawn tractor parts and equipment so it can keep up with you through the years. Make sure you change the oil every spring, add stabilizer to your fuel and check if your mower needs new belts, blades, filters or other parts. You may even want to store regularly replaced lawn tractor parts on hand for quick repairs with no order wait time. It’s important to choose the right lawn tractor parts for your machine, so be certain to consult your owner’s manual and look for Original Equipment Manufacturer certified parts before you start any repairs.

 Finding the right outdoor equipment for lawn care and maintenance

Just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with lawn care and maintenance, but it may mean you need to find a new way to manage it. Stop in to your local home and garden store to learn more about riding lawn mowers and how they can help you take care of your lawn through the years. Representatives can also set you up with a new string trimmer, tiller or chainsaw as it might be time to replace your old equipment.

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