A Couple of Tips for Landscaping

tips for landscapingDesigning and envisioning what the outside of your house will look like is one of the most enjoyable, but challenging, aspects of building a home. What is more difficult is designing the landscape, as what you can do relies heavily on so many different factors such as budget, location, and the house or lot itself.

However, there are a couple things to keep in mind as you go through and plan what you want to accomplish. Many of these steps are simple, yet profoundly beneficial to the overall aura and accessibility you wish to create with your landscaping.

Protect Your Sprinkler Heads

It’s never too late to protect your sprinkler heads with a sprinkler guard like the Sprinkler Buddy. Sprinkler guards do a number of things like protect your sprinklers from mower tires and keep grass from growing too close to them, preventing them from spraying properly.

You can add a sprinkler buddy to all your sprinkler heads now or you can wait until a sprinkler head breaks. The choice is yours. Just make sure you have some handy.

Equipment Access

Remember to plan for equipment access. At some point in the future you may have to have equipment for building projects such as patios or house expansion pass through parts of your yard. On a much less major scale, you may also need to make access for equipment such as lawn mowers or stump grinders.

Focal Points

Remember to keep in mind the focal points of your landscaping and to build off of that. Focal points include things such as trees or statues, or even a borrowed view.

Make sure that your focal points stand out, and not stick out. Meaning that they are somewhat related to the rest of the landscape, either through a repeated shape or a color, or a connection to the overall style of the landscape.

Remember as well to accent your house. Your house, believe it or not, is the main feature of your yard, your landscaping is there to accentuate and beautify the way your house appears to the outside world.

Don’t Hide Your House

Try not to overwhelm your house with shrubberies or things that may end up covering your house’s natural beauty. Even the most basic house has interesting points of architecture that can be accentuated.

This is your house and you have a lot of freedom in presenting it and your yard to everyone around. So remember to keep in mind the basics and enjoy yourself in the process.

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  1. Not hiding your house is very important! Especially if you have a house as beautiful as that one.