Sprinkler Donuts

Let’s pretend for a moment if you will:Sprinkler Donuts
Sprinkler donuts haven’t been invented yet. Pretend I’m on this Blog talking about a concrete round rock with a hole in the middle of it. This rock, I tell you, helps prevent damage to your lawn sprinkler heads.

Would you be running to my website to purchase this amazing new rock, I invented? Keep in mind, you have never heard about this rock until now.

Back to Reality
The “sprinkler donut” has been invented and is used mostly in the state of Florida. It does work well if properly maintained, meaning you keep it slightly above the top of your sprinkler heads and you keep the grass from growing over and between the sprinkler donut and your sprinkler head, so it can be seen when approached during routine lawn maintenance.

In the heat of the growing season, this means maintaining them at least once a month, if not more to keep them visible enough to avoid them with the mower tires. Sprinkler donuts also need to be pulled back up occasionally to the proper level once they have sunk below the top of the sprinkler head.

I know all of this because I’m a lawn care professional and I have been dealing with the sprinkler donuts for many years now, just as many of you have.

When I was blessed with the vision of my invention the “Sprinkler Buddy”, I knew Instantly! I had thought of something that would work better than what we have used for many years.

Yes, it does require a little more work to install than the common sprinkler donut. That being said, I have had Sprinkler Buddies in some of my lawn accounts going on five years now. I haven’t had to pull one of them back up and I have had to only hit them with my weed trimmer just a few times throughout the year to keep them visible. Like a properly maintained concrete donut, the Sprinkler Buddy is no more visible from the street. It just requires much less maintenance long term to keep your sprinkler heads visible.

The custom insert design of the Sprinkler Buddy, combined with its durable yet flexible material is what makes it so effective in doing its job. Unlike the common sprinkler donut, grass doesn’t grow between the Sprinkler Buddy and your sprinkler head. Thus keeping your sprinkler head visible longer without as much maintenance. Sprinkler Buddy’s light weight is what also keeps it from sinking like a rock in our soft soil here in Florida.

Sprinkler heads don’t usually break by running them over a few times. It’s the repeated contact which usually causes them to fail. One seldom has to replace sprinkler heads in flower beds, this is because they don’t come into contact with the mowers etc…

Those that do come in contact with mowers are best protected by keeping them visible. If this wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t be trying to keep our sprinkler donuts visible as we do.

The maintenance long term is much less and much quicker when it is needed when using the Sprinkler Buddy.

I believe my product makes perfect common sense once it’s looked at more closely. Try a pack and let me know if you disagree. Give the common sprinkler donuts in your lawn the same maintenance as you do the Sprinkler Buddy if you should try it. You will see why I’m so passionate about this product.

If you made it this far, Thank you for listening to what I have had to say. If you should decide to order a pack, put “Blog” in the comments box and I’ll send you an extra Sprinkler Buddy in with your order. Try the free one, if you don’t like it, send the pack back for a refund. This offer only applies if purchased off of my website sprinklerbuddy.com

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