Landscaping before selling your house

If you are considering putting your house on the market you should look into landscaping and what it can do for the appraisal value of your home and property. Landscaping has a reputation for increasing property value by five percent in some cases and up to eleven percent in exceptional cases.

Landscaping your property is not likely something you can just get up one morning and do just because your house is on the market. If you are going to be selling your house within the year there aren’t as many options unless your yard is pretty well landscaped already.

Start with the basics

If you have landscaped your yard before there are some last minute tips that could pay off when you sell your house. For example, the simple act of edging your flower bed, or more precisely where the flowerbed meets your grass, you could increase your property value by one percent.

This might not seem like a lot but it could be over a thousand dollars more just for the single evening that you spent with an edger. In addition, if your grass isn’t as green as it should be a single treatment of fertilizer can accomplish most of what a regular fertilizer treatment does.

Add color

One last option for sprucing up your property before you sell it is to add some color with small plants. These plants can also make a big difference especially since you can probably purchase each plant for about a dollar.

A similar option is to plant small to medium sized perennials. A few larger plants will do more than a couple dozen small plants.

Plant, plant, plant

If you have more time to prepare your yard and your property or if you are staying in the same location you can go ahead and plant smaller plants and just stick it out a few seasons while they grow. This project will take more time since you might be required to change the sprinkler parts to accommodate the new additions.

You should also consider the effect that your foliage has on your property. Too much or too little foliage could throw off the whole look of your landscaped project.

Add Depth

You can also do quite a bit with the depth of your yard. You might be landscaping to improve your yard without ever utilizing more than just a fraction of your usable canvas.

This means that you can plant your property enhancing perennials and flowers and shrubs on places other than along your house and fence. If you plant near the corners of your home or your yard you can draw attention to its shape.

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