Watering your Green Lawn

If you want to keep your lawn green and respectable looking you will undoubtedly have to pass through seasons of brown ugly lawns first. This is due to the learning that usually comes the hard way as well as to nature’s reaction to the average family’s budgeted water bill.

Instead of striving to get the best lawn on the block just try to keep your lawn healthy and happy. This will involve a period of natural dormancy, just like your nightly happy-go-sleep time, in which your healthy lawn will begin to turn a few shades of unglamorous brown during the hot summer.

Don’t get too worried about this however. Your lawn can handle this change and still bounce back when it cools down and the rain returns.

Proper lawn maintenance

If you really want to get the best results that your lawn is capable of giving then you should endeavor to understand some of the mechanics that go into lawn maintenance. One of these issues has to do with using your water efficiently.

Sprinkler Parts

Not all sprinklers and sprinkler parts are created equal. If you are looking to save money, water and the environment all at the same time then you will need to be sure to get a sprinkler system that can operate at a low psi.

Water Pressure

The psi number has to do with the water pressure that is required to pump, or rather, spray, your water where it needs to go. A lower psi will reduce the amount of water that gets sprayed into your gutters and makes you pay for a lack of quality.

Avoid Overspray

You should pay attention to the amount of water that is making its way into your gutters. If you are losing water due to evaporation or runoff your yard will suffer.

There are some sprinkler systems that, instead of blasting one long jet of water to the far reaches of the lawn will instead shoot two more accurate streams of water. There will be a long-range stream that will get the grass farther away as well as a shorter range stream that will get the grass up close.

This method will keep you from relying on residual mists to water the grasses near the sprinklers. You should also purchase a sprinkler that delivers a jet or a stream of water instead of a mist since a mist will cause lots of water to be lost to evaporation before it reaches the roots of the grass.

Conserve water

If you are looking to save water you should consider a rain barrel which would attach to your rain gutter. Be mindful, however, that this method will not work to help you water your vegetables and fruits if your shingles are treated with certain chemicals.

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