Less is More (or at least enough) When it comes to Watering the Garden

Guest Post by:  Sarah Smith

A beautiful garden is attractive, adds curb appeal to the home and creates a recreation area outdoors. The only problem is it takes a lot of water to keep a garden healthy and good looking. Not necessarily. There are several ways to have a great looking garden without using thousands of litres of water. A sprinkler can use up to 1,000 litres of water an hour. Most suburban gardens can get enough water with a 10-litre watering can. Read the rest of this entry »

Fixing Broken Sprinklers, don’t blame the yard man!

sprinkler head next to sidewalksI have heard it all as a lawn care professional, “Watch out for my sprinklers, you ran one over last week that I had to fix!”, “Slow down and look for my sprinklers.”, etc….

Who’s to blame, your yard man? Read the rest of this entry »

Sprinkler Donut, Sprinkler Buddy “Underground View”

Sprinkler Buddy - Custom fits!

Sprinkler Buddy – Custom fits!

Prevents grass from taking root between the indicator and sprinkler head. First product of its kind that doesn’t sink or float away in soft or wet ground conditions.

Had enough broken or leaning sprinkler heads caused from mowing the lawn? Want to know where your sprinkler heads are? My invention “Sprinkler Buddy” isn’t rocket science, it’s just common sense that no one else had thought of before me, a lawn care professional wanting to know where the heads are so I could avoid them with the mower tires. Read the rest of this entry »


 Guest Post by: Dana Jones, AKA Baymule from TheEasyGarden.com
Here is a short article about how I started my garden.
About 8 years ago, I decided I wanted a garden. There was a small problem though, thegetcontent backyard was shrouded in shade. Grass barely grew back there. So I announced to my husband that I was going to put a garden in the front yard. He planted his feet like a balky mule and said, “NO WAY!” My husband, BJ, loves having a pretty yard and a scraggly garden just wasn’t going to cut it. I pleaded my case, pointing out that I would only have a small garden-just three beds between the driveway and sidewalk. The soil there was hard as concrete, his beloved grass wouldn’t grow there and it was weedy. Why, a garden would be a huge improvement. I explained how I wanted to use bricks to make walkways and how attractive it would look. He grumbled. Read the rest of this entry »

Lawn & Gardening Forum

Looking for an awesome lawn and gardening forum to discuss or share your knowledge with others that can relate? The link below is just that!

Enjoy: TEG

Sprinkler Donuts

Let’s pretend for a moment if you will:Sprinkler Donuts
Sprinkler donuts haven’t been invented yet. Pretend I’m on this Blog talking about a concrete round rock with a hole in the middle of it. This rock, I tell you, helps prevent damage to your lawn sprinkler heads.

Would you be running to my website to purchase this amazing new rock, I invented? Keep in mind, you have never heard about this rock until now.

Back to Reality
The “sprinkler donut” has been invented and is used mostly in the state of Florida. It does work well if properly maintained, meaning you keep it Read the rest of this entry »

Fall Tree Maintenance

Guest Post by: Evan Baker trimming

Fall may seem like the perfect time to take a bit of a yard work break after working hard all summer long but you should resist the urge to sit inside with a mug of tea regardless of how tempting it is. With every season comes a new opportunity and fall gives you the perfect opportunity to ensure that your yard will look its best come spring. Fall is also the best time to tend to the trees on your property and give them a little tender love and care.  It’s easy to forget about your trees but there are a few things you should do every fall to keep them as healthy as possible and looking their best. Read the rest of this entry »

Adventures in Fire Safety: The Fire Pit

Guest Post by: Mackenzie Kupfer

I’ve done quite a bit of landscaping in the last couple of years. I’ve taken out garden beds and replaced them with ornamental grasses, I’ve divvied up my vegetable patch into a more orderly state of chaos, and, best of all, I’ve added several large stone features. On top of these stone features, I was giddy to perch my brand new fire pit around which I’ve gathered friends for cookouts and star gazing. So enamored was I with my fire pit that I completely failed to make sure my yard wasn’t a tinderbox waiting to light up my neighborhood. Read the rest of this entry »

Lawn Sprinkler Donuts/Guards

Sprinkler GuardsConcrete sprinkler donuts sink, Sprinkler Buddy doesn’t. Sprinkler Buddy also custom fits like no other lawn sprinkler head donut.

These sprinkler donuts were installed around the same time in the same lawn. Roughly four months ago. Same maintenance given to all during their weekly mowing schedule. I sprayed around the heads with round-up so you could see those with the concrete sprinkler donuts installed on them. All the concrete donuts were placed over the sprinkler heads when installed, I didn’t bury them, they’ll sink even faster if you give them a head start. The Sprinkler Buddy is the only one that remained where I had initially installed it.

The difference is clear, the choice is clear.

“Sprinkler Buddy” www.sprinklerbuddy.com

Sprinkler Head Sprinkler Donut Sinking Sprinkler Donut Sprinkler Donut Sprinkler Buddy

Lawn Maintenance Tips You Should Follow

 Guest Post By:  Rachael Jones

When it comes to lawn care, we all know that it is best to cut your grass a little long to prevent rapid regrowth and that it is generally better to water in the morning than in the evening. But what are some of the tips and tricks that professionals use to keep lawns in great shape? You may never have heard about some of these tricks before, but you will be sure to notice the difference once you put them into place. Read the rest of this entry »