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“Sprinklers” Pop-up Sprinkler Heads

Rotor and spray head sprinklers are often  referred to as pop up sprinklers. They both come in a variety of sizes from many different manufactures.  Some manufactures even make  commercial grades which are often installed by an irrigation professional, usually when a new lawn sprinkler system is being first installed.pop up sprinklers

Between many, the debate of how much better the commercial grade sprinklers are over their equivalent home owner models will always remain in a deep debate. (more…)

How to Maintain your Automatic Sprinkler System

Guest Post by:  Rachael Jones

Many homeowners use permanent, automatic sprinkler systems to irrigate their lawns, flower beds, and miscellaneous plants. While these systems are installed to provide the homeowner minimal maintenance, it is pertinent to conduct routine maintenance and repairs to fix any damages and component failure that may have taken place.
Do not wait until you notice a problem to maintain your sprinkler system. Prompt maintenance of your system prevents loss and damage to your property, and catches any issues before your automatic sprinkler system begins wasting water. Identifying the exact problem can prevent additional issues for homeowners. Some issues are easily fixable; however, they must be properly identified.
The basic issues that are commonly discovered when checking automatic sprinkler systems include:
• Pipe leaks and breaks
• Obstructed / clogged sprinklers
• Leaking sprinklers (more…)

How to Maintain a Healthy Lawn During a Drought?

Guest Post by: Tony Carlisle

Drought can kill your grass and leave your lawn brown and bare. A sprinkler system makes it easy to water your grass, but you can drastically reduce water use and protect your turf by taking steps to make your lawn resistant to drought. Fortunately, the changes you need to make are both simple and effective.

Choose the Right Grass
If you live in an area that is prone to drought, then you should start by choosing the right grass. Engineered to survive with less water, species like Buffalo grass and fescues are excellent for surviving extended dry periods. Where other turf species need a full inch of water every week, these species can survive on about half that amount. If the conditions are too extreme, the grass may turn brown as it goes dormant to survive. The grass is not dead, and it will recover its healthy green color with watering. (more…)

Watering your Green Lawn

If you want to keep your lawn green and respectable looking you will undoubtedly have to pass through seasons of brown ugly lawns first. This is due to the learning that usually comes the hard way as well as to nature’s reaction to the average family’s budgeted water bill. (more…)

Best Sprinkler Head and Irrigation Product Reviews and More, I Have Found on the Web

As the Sprinkler Buddy Blog owner, I’m sharing this link because it’s that good of a resource for the many related irrigation questions or concerns one may have. Enjoy!

“You’ve just found the web’s mother lode of free irrigation information! Best of all, it’s all FREE! This website is not affiliated with any irrigation, sprinkler, or drip equipment manufacturer, supplier, or installer; so the tutorials are independent and not biased toward selling a particular service, product or brand. I hope you find the information here useful.”

Jess Stryker
Landscape Architect (Lic. AZ-32410, CA-2743, NV-443)

SMART Controllers Part one.

This is a guest post from Hester Mazzola, Texas tough and proudly American. Thanks for contributing Hester!

SMART controllers are loosely defined as any controller that can make changes to its programming based on information from outside sources, such as weather stations or paid weather services. This does not include simple rain or freeze sensors.
The idea behind SMART controllers is simple. (more…)

5 Things To Keep In Mind While Watering Your Yard

This is a guest post from Nancy here to give us some tips on lawn watering. Thanks for contributing Nancy!

SprinklerEveryone wants to own a lovely garden, but very few know how difficult it is to maintain it. One of the most important things to maintain the green garden is correct watering. Though it may seem to be the simplest task, very few actually know the correct method and amount of water required by your garden. Lack of water can result in drying of grass while excess can cause rotting of roots. In fact excess water will waste the very precious water and will damage the lawn.

DIY: Installing a Roof Rain Water Collection for Your Landscape

This is a guest post by Amber Strauff who is here to teach us how to make a rainwater collector. If you have had any experience with collecting rainwater for your own yard or garden, please share in the comments. Thank you.

Rainwater CollectorProfessional landscaping is crucial when you become a homeowner. In fact, the American Society of Landscape Architects suggests that proprietors invest 10% of their home’s values in landscaping. However, there are many different landscaping options that can save you money without sacrificing the quality of your landscaping efforts. A great amount of information is available for everyone on ways to save money and energy and water resources that could be easily adapted to the maintenance of your home’s yard. Solar lights, efficient timed sprinklers for watering your plants and reel lawn mowers are all great examples on how homeowners are beginning to change their landscaping maintenance methods to make the world a greener place.